Our first seed

This seed is from Katja and Taiga


Life is a series of interwoven stories, not a set of concepts.

Storytelling, one of the oldest gifts of humankind, exists in every part of the world, in every culture and every religion. Stories were told in front of campfires, during war between battles or bombs to distract the fearful mind, at bedtime to make children fall asleep. A story, with its array of meanings and richness of details, is much closer to real life than abstract theories.

This is our real life story, how our little seed for Sharing Seeds was created and planted:

On our way to a retreat in Chiba, Japan, we started to talk about all the information we come across everyday, and how they are mostly negative. From this fruitful conversation between two dear friends, emerged the first seed of this project: the idea to create a communication platform for everyone in the world to share their stories.

We will call the contributions seeds, because any kind of story can become a seed of inspiration, peace, knowledge, comforting. We welcome here seeds of any form and from any origin, as long as they have the potential to contribute to a virtuous circle. From this website and other social medias, our goal is to gather, connect and spread multicultural ways of looking at this confusing and complex reality around us, always from a positive perspective. A story, a picture, a video, a poem… If you think your message can be a seed, you just have to send it to one of these two e-mails:



This is a non-profit initiative. We are donating our time to moderate and publish seeds and try to build a virtual place where people will know they can always find something soothing, uplifting, good.