IMG_5038I am from Austria, but have been living abroad, for 15 years now. Together with my husband we left our home country in the year 2000 to live and work in Abu Dhabi. Both of us have a Business Administration Masters degree from the University of Business Administration and Economics at Vienna. After 3 years working in the U.A.E. our journey brought us to Tokyo and again after 3 years we moved on to New York, with a short intermezzo in Vienna/Austria, moving on to Seoul and after another 4 years, eventually arrived back in Tokyo.

In the meantime we have 3 sons, who were born in Abu Dhabi, Tokyo and the youngest in Vienna. This nomadic life and being exposed to many different cultures had a big impact on my way of thinking and perception. Staying open minded and curious about new countries and people is a key element to manage culture shocks and transitions. But my main tool to cope with change is Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga for 13 years and while we lived in New York I could complete a Yoga Teacher Training. I started to work as a Yoga instructor in New York and from this moment onwards I was able to share my passion for Yoga in all the other countries where we have lived.

Working with so many different people and their complex and individual bodies and minds is a challenge, but at the same time a big pleasure and the most rewarding job I can imagine. Inspired by many smiles and happiness around me and grateful for all the beautiful things happening in my life, I would like to share positive stories, visions and views with others who seek some inspirations in their life.

Yoga brought Taiga into my life and this project would have never been shared here without her enthusiasm for journalism and positive energy.