My girls

My girlfriends. My life’s path is punctuated by them, they guide me, inspire me, give me strength, push me forward. Through childhood and adolescence, I was shy and lonely. I had few friends. But those friends were responsible for my happy memories from this complicated life period. Maria Paula, Mônica, Eduarda, Maria Eugênia, Fernanda, Luciana, Aline. Long talks, sharing, conflicts, immature dramas. Fernanda has been, for almost 30 years, the sister I didn’t have. I don’t know if there are other lives, but if they exist, we’ve been together in all of them.

The school years, so hard for me, gave space to freedom and the first contact with texts and teachings that began to make some sense. In the end of College, Adriana joined me in an unforgettable trip, a transition from the freedom of youth to the uncertain and scary beginning of adult life.

First job, a group of young journalists full of ideas and energy. Cristina, Aninha, Teresa, Giane and so many others helped me stumbled across that world that was so new, and from where I left soon after realizing that it was not my world. Marriage and kids brought me Tiane, Viviane and Ana. The first became family, baptized my son and gave me hers to baptize. She understands me better than I do. She knows what I’m feeling before I’m able to see it. Viviane is confident, an example of strong woman who believes in her coherent and beautiful ideal. Ana, strong, generous friend for me and so many others, has always energy to help, inspire, understand.

I left my first job to try to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I went back to the university. During my Master’s degree, Larissa, Érica and Ana Lúcia shared with me the same teacher, and theories, questions, readings and learnings. Because of my daughter, who now begins to make her first friendships, I met Carla and Tati. Carla teaches me so much about education, Tati is the mother of Isabel’s first best friend and also became my friend.

After years studying and raising my kids, always supported by many of these women above, a new job brought me another Carla, one more Fernanda, two Julianas, Irene, other Anas. Friendships interrupted by my moving to Japan. And then, I was alone, no friends.

In the emptiness, I realized the immense space that my girlfriends occupy in my life. For a woman, friends are the rudder that controls the boat we steer through the sea that is so unpredictable. How could I go on without the talks and lunches with Vivi? How could I go on without Fernanda’s hugs and complicity? Or without the weekends with Tiane and my extended friend-family?

In the beginning of my journey in this different country, one more Ana appears. So generous, sweet, the first friendship I had in Japan. And inside the silence of this new life, I finally found out what is my passion. My passion is writing. And I begin to publish in my blog, and I get strength from, of course, more girls. Reader friends. Cristina, Tamara, Eduarda (the same of my childhood), Lúcia. Compliments full of love and incentive. Because of them, I keep on writing.

Today, I have beautiful friends because of Japan. Anna Cláudia, with whom I shared so many of my life stories. Our long talks were worth more than any therapy. Estela, Alessandra and Donatella, who dive with me in this country that is so fascinating and who help me learn looking outside and inside. Katja, full of light, who conquered my heart so fast. She introduced me to Micaela, Sarah and Kirsten, partners in exchanges that are much more mature than the ones in the past – now about marriage, sons and daughters, the many uncertainties and delights of the expat life. They are from Austria, Argentina, Italy and Germany. That is the proof that friendship between women is not related to culture, roots or identity. It is about womanhood. We women have an immense space in our hearts to accommodate the girls that come up during our path in life. And I am not complete without them.

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