Writing together

At the launching event of Sharing Seeds in Tokyo, Taiga Gomes and Katja Otter, the two founders of this internet platform and initiative could present their idea and motivation behind this project to a physical audience for the first time.

First, Taiga shared with all participants the story of how it all began. In a media world dominated by negative news, in a society confronted by many fears and violence Sharing Seeds wants to bring positive stories from all over the world, told by people like you and me, rooted out of daily life experiences. Every day, in every country and in the majority of families, positive things happen. This stories can be told and shared. But it’s difficult for some people to be free of the fear of judgement, or sometimes a potential contributor may think that no one would be interested in their message. In the Sharing Seeds launch event, our guests were invited to practice two exercises directed to dissolve those blockages.



Katja Otter led the participants through a relaxation exercise and a Metta meditation – a loving kindness visualization technique. The meditation would help to open their hearts and tap into the creative space within them, where the source of many stories lies and just wait to be unfold. Sitting in a big circle, women from different countries and cultures breathed together and were united by the feeling of generosity.




With the minds relaxed and opened to give, it was time to learn with the special guest of the morning, Simone Knierim Busch, a haiku poem writer.


After a brief introduction on her personal journey and how she discovered her passion for haiku poems, Simone presented one of her favorite poems from Hilde Domin.


Passing landscape


We must be able to go away

And yet be like a tree

Rooted in the earth

Standing fast while the landscape passes


We must hold our breath

Until the wind dies down

And different air starts to encircle us

Until the play of light and shade

Of green and blue

Shows the old pattern

And we are home

Wherever that may be

And able to sit down and lean against it

As if it were the gravestone of our mother.


Simone taught some very useful guidelines to help the potential writers to get rid of the obstacles of creative storytelling: our own judgement and criticism, self doubt and lack of confidence. The main message was to let go, write in a flow, without thinking too much, opening the channels for creativity to flourish. All the participants were invited to try her method and write some sentences. It could be in english or in their native language. Almost all of them felt comfortable to read aloud their words, and some seeds could be spread in that living room in the center of Tokyo.

In the event, Taiga and Katja showed how it can be liberating to focus only on giving, being free from the need of reward and the fear of judgement. The seed of the dandelion flower – which inspired our logo – are blown by the wind and you’ll never know where and when they will find the right spot to sprout and flourish. The same idea applies to the stories, videos, poems, inspirations published on Sharing Seeds. So, feel free to send your contribution:



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