A Haiku Seed

This seed is from Simone K. Busch

Simone is from Germany and lives currently in Tokyo with her family. She loves to write Haiku poems and is a very talented photographer. If you like to read more haikus from her, please check out her haiku blog: simonekbusch.blogspot.jp

Some years ago, a book full of haiku in English found its way into my hands in a bookshop in Monterey, California. I was deeply impressed by the truth lying in these tiny poems and as a writer and teacher for Creative Writing I had to try to write them by myself. Haiku were born in Japan but are written all over the world today in many different languages and styles. Authors exchange via internet and publish their work in journals, e-zines, competitions or elsewhere. Compared with poetry in western tradition haiku don’t tell, rather they just show what the author experienced and leave space to be filled with the reader’s own thoughts and emotions. So haiku can be seen as a seed which hopefully blossoms with the reader.

Give your seed a voice: you can have your story published and shared. This is who we are and how you can be a part of this virtual platform: Sharing Seeds


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