Global Village

This seed is from Taiga Gomes.


This is a space to get in contact with stories from people we don’t know. I believe that to listen respectfully and attentively is even more important than to talk. In order to really listen to the other, we have to be humble enough to recognize that it is impossible to be right about all our convictions and that it is possible to change our minds.

In order to really listen we also have to be generous to admit that the other’s point of view has an enormous value. These actions are indispensible to enable the dialogue to happen.

Unfortunately, the Internet is fueling the polarization, the intransigence. Our social media experience is confined inside our profile of interests and our group of friends, mostly people with whom we feel confortable with, who have ideas similar to ours. It’s easy to block, unfollow or unfriend whoever does not agree with us.

At the same time we have the world in our hands, we are so compartmentalized.

Tolstoi, in War and Peace, says that no truth presents itself equally for two persons, and that it is impossible for the human mind to perceive all causes of a phenomena.

What bothers me a lot is the difficulty so many people have in admitting that complexity permeates everything. Arguments of opposite sides are fed by conspiracy theories, which emerge from the intrinsic need of explaining reality in our terms, based on our values, framing it in the opposition of right and wrong. 

I moved from Brazil to Japan, and I can say that the two countries are immensely different. Of course neither country is perfect, but I’m learning and absorbing what I think is positive about the Japanese way of life. They are capable of spending a long time contemplating flowers. They have an immense respect for the public space, there are no trashcans and there is no garbage on the streets. They love their trains. They think first about not disturbing who is around, the collective well-being comes before the individual.

There’s no need to live in the other side of the world to learn with a different way of life, to see things from a different perspective. As I said before, we have the world in our hands.

Here in Sharing Seeds, you will have the opportunity to listen to the other, to the different, to people who maybe wouldn’t reach you in your social medias or wouldn’t write articles in your favorite magazines. And you can also tell your story, plant your seed. Maybe it can germinate in the hearts and minds of people who are very different from you. 


Intersection Space Constrution (1978), by Ryogi Goto. Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan.

Give your seed a voice: you can have your story published and shared. This is who we are and how you can be a part of this virtual platform: Sharing Seeds

2 thoughts on “Global Village

  1. Maria Angélica Medeiros Guimarães says:

    Parabéns pela belíssima idéia. É contagiante saber o que o outro tem história e que ele pode ser compartilhada com milhares de outras pessoas que também tem histórias parecidas ou diferentes e que juntando umas as outras vão resultar num lindo jardim.


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